BIG News 2 of 2… 1-16-16… BricsPost, “Xi: “This is a historical moment”” & RT, “China-led AIIB development bank officially launched”

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AIIB_inauguration_160116[Pardon… I made a mistake in the first posting of this, so I removed the former post. Small deal. It’s the AIIB inauguration that’s the BIG deal.]

Just like the last post, Part 1, this is BIG, baby!!

Talk about major reform needed for this planet… this is it! Away from the US (CORP) petrodollar dominance (and criminal uses thereof), away from all those KZM* institutions, like IMF, World Bank, etc., and now, with the help of the 190+ countries non-aligned with the old system, the planet is now on its way upward.

The bolded statement below from first AIIB Chairman, Lou Jiwei, really sums it up: “The opening of the AIIB marked a milestone in the reform of the global economic governance system.”

[*KZM = Khazarian (also Bush, Rockefeller, etc.) Zionist Mafia]

“This is a historical moment”: Xi at launch of new China-led Bank

“The AIIB will extend…

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