September 15th: The First Day of Global Peaceful Resistance – UNITED WE STRIKE

Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Robert Kennedy - a revolution is coming

I just learned of this last night. Average people continue to unite and take action. It’s the 60s on steroids because it’s not just about war, it’s about many issues we must take to task and globally, the public is responding to that inner call to take back their power. We are uniting and rising to meet the occasion of our liberation from tyranny. 

I recommend watching the 9/11 documentary, below.   ~ BP

September 15th:The First Day of Global Peaceful Resistance – UNITED WE STRIKE

It’s been 12 years of government sanctioned terrorism, lies, financial fraud and total corruption resulting from the crimes committed against Humanity,  sponsored by top officials in global politics. Check out this documentary on 911 and follow the money for a real eye opener.

We’ve been taught not to believe our eyes, do research, or even entertain views that don’t go along with the “official story.” If…

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