Enough of the Old Ways and the Old Paradigms… Enough, Already…

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The last Blossom was titled, “This is a Time When You Are Releasing All That No Longer Serves“. I scanned through the article. And although I did not read the whole thing, all I needed to see was that one statement. That was it (for me, at least). This is a Time When You Are Releasing All That No Longer Serves.

Lately, from time to time, I’ve been noticing a few articles, about “this government thing is going on” or “that new financial system is coming online” or “this terrible thing has happened”, or “that terrible thing is surely going to happen”. “This was a cabal false flag”, “That was a cabal in drag.” And on and on it goes.

Finally, I got to a point where I just said, “Enough, already. This (or that) is not mine to pay…

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Sheldan Nidle Update 4-16-13…”A Series of Events is Upon You Which Will Move You to the Brink of a New Reality”

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  • …Earth allies have set up the basis for a new monetary and financial system and the Agarthans have used their diplomatic skills to establish the nucleus of the new governance…
  • These changes are intrinsic to the sacred decrees which are preparing this world for our mass landing.
  • Our many liaison teams are monitoring everything and meeting every day with those who are to forge your new governance. As of now, these many programs have put all the necessary elements in place.
  • our Galactic Federation medical teams are continuing to collect the data needed to update your individual Light chambers… the means for returning you to full consciousness.
  • At the right time, each of you can access your individual Light chamber waiting for you in Agartha, and during three days of slumber be returned to your original state of full consciousness as physical Angels.
  • Your first challenge after returning to…

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Expert: “terms of reference” agreement with the US Treasury Department will support the country’s financial sector

The Currency Newshound

Baghdad (newsletter). The financial expert said Osama Al-anbari, the implementing Convention on the ‘ terms of reference ‘ signed between the Iraqi Ministry of finance and the Treasury Department will have a positive role in the development of the financial sector in the country, using sophisticated machines specialising in financial systems.

He said Al-anbari (News Agency): the Convention reference would provide substantive and logistical support to the Ministry of finance to facilitate their work through the use of more sophisticated systems from which to dispense with paper manual work in the Ministry, as stipulated in the Convention.

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The National Economic Security & Reformation Act

Compiled by Nancy Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.

Information is added as it becomes known, along with the date it is included.

NOTE:  Writing a history of NESARA requires locating the separate dots and attempting to put them together to create truth.  The original documents are sequestered and those individuals directly involved are still under a strict gag order.  I have used as my foundation a history written by James Rink.  My research set out to prove NESARA by locating original documents and articles written by reputable people that illustrated each of the tenets.  I have inserted some of these URLs for these tenets into Rink’s history.  In my 7+ years of research, I have found nothing to disprove the existence of the NESARA LAW.  The internet is loaded with disinformation that can be easily dismissed by research.

As you…

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The New World - Returning To Love

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Heather’s Thoughts On The Keshe Post


Keshe: New Era

[9:56:13 AM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: ok…what agenda and the intent do the vehicles, the words, make visible?…energy can be traced back to the source of embodiment that is magnetically drawing it by their own frequency…we have corporations that have been operating under the guise of the people’s goverments…owned by the PTW…where would Keshe like us to take them?  You want a different result then change the formula.  The people and all embodiments of eternal essence are peaceful in their natural state.  Who has been altering and hiding that natural state that we BE?  Who has been actively paying energy into creating states contrary to peaceful states of BE’ing? Corporations are a vehicle, a fiction.  Religions are harvesting tools that are based on one or a few having “access” to eternal essence…what DO they DO now…

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