Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius May 24th ~ 25th, 2013!

The New Divine Humanity

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius 24th ~ 25th, 2013!  

Halifax, Nova Scotia May 25th, 1:25 am ADT.

This is Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse is a Powerful time to begin a Pilgrimage of  Your Soul.

Allow yourself  to Expand in Love, Harmony and Union Consciousness this Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse.


A Lunar Eclipse occurs when the Earth is Between the Moon on One Side and the Sun on the Other Side.

A “Lunar Eclipse” reboots ( updates ) your inner world, your “unconscious drives” and Motivations. The influence is felt for 6 months.

The Earth and Humans are  Powerfully influenced by the Moon and its Cycles. The Ancients lived by the Moon Cycle and Honoured its Natural Rhythms.

A Full Moon is a Build Up of Energy since the Previous New Moon.

The “astrological sign” that the Full Moon is in, gives the specifics of the Area of your life that will…

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