County Commission to be Charged: January 7, 2015 – Sedition and Treason

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On January the 7th at 9:00 AM Eastern…

140 Henry Parkway
McDonough, GA 30253

yes, just confirmed the time!

 Charges of Sedition and Treason, among others…

Will be levied against the Henry County, Georgia CEO (Commission Chairman) and fellow corporate officers (commissioners) for their role in subverting the Republican form of government in Henry County. Georgia.

A Republican form of government, is guaranteed to the constituents of Henry County by the Constitution for the united States of America.  All lawful public officers are required, by law, to swear under sacred oath to protect and defend the Constitution.  The sacred oath consummates the Quid Pro Contract between the Public Servant and the Constituents by whom the public servants were…

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David Wilcock “Breaking News”, on Jimmy Church Radio 12-23-14… Audio / MP3s

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David_Wilcock_Search113There was quite a bit of what I felt was “breaking news” from David, particularly in Part 1. David does cover a variety of topics during the show, including what is behind all of the things that are occurring right now (including the major ET conflict going on, and ready to conclude), as well as the security he now has to travel with for protection (Part 3).

The show was about 5 minutes before the end, when “mysteriously” Jimmy completely lost his internet (although he stayed on the air another 10 minutes). David never was able to get back on.

MP3s (each part 25 min., 11 MB)
Part 1Part 2Part 3Complete show (1:15, 34 MB)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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THE ALLIED FORCES … moving us out of the Abyss












The following information is from the Allies concerning how we make the leap forward. The allies are moving us out of the Abyss; they say they will rotate earth to the horizontal position for the purpose of flight. All electricity worldwide will be cut off. In the early morning hours all life that is good will be given the call, this unplugs them and they wake up and stand up out of their body. This is when the veil lifts and all memory returns. The holographic sky net will have a hard time keeping up with the role. This gives the appearance that the sun which was already rising falls backwards below the horizon again as you look to the opposite side of the sky you will see the ‘Net’…

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The SDR Purpose of BRICS


By JC Collins

Global markets are showing increasing signs of instability and there are serious concerns about risks to international liquidity building across the spectrum.  Exchange rate volatility is deepening with the Russian ruble leading the way and the systemic contagion is spreading around the world, from European and Western banks to stock market crashes in the Middle East.

Oil continues its descent into the $30 to $40 dollar range with a strategically timed announcement by OPEC today, at the peak of the turmoil, stating it will not meet again until June, 2015, ensuring continued instability and lack of confidence in the energy markets.

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12-5-14… “Leo Wanta – He Will End the Fed! The Amazing Story Never Told!”

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leo_wanta_headshot_1Thanks to Barbara for sending me this. I’ve no idea what the original article link is, but this one from Stage2Omega will do just fine. It’s the article from which the video just posted came from.

I sense that this is one of the many stories occurring in the background which, more and more, we will hear about. And this is very likely one of the many programs that will help to restore and rebuild the planet.


Leo Wanta – He Will End the Fed! The Amazing Story Never Told!

December 5, 2014

Many of you that read alternative media have either never heard of Leo Wanta or what you did hear were lies put out by the controlled opposition.  Leo just did an amazing interview on Veterans Today Radio that is one of the best I’ve ever heard!  It explains everything you need to know about this great…

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The Implosion of American Culture


By JC Collins

It was widely expressed by the mainstream media of the time that the collapse of the Soviet Union and the fall of the Berlin Wall could not have been predicted. In hindsight, the stagnation and drop in oil prices should have been the obvious signs that a dramatic change was coming. And when the USSR began to borrow from western banks, the fix was in.

Western banks is something of a misnomer, as no bank, or conglomerate of banking interests, can exist separate and independent of the larger international banking structure which has been built throughout the the 20th Century. Stagnate growth and the deflationary oil prices which began in 1986 acted as fine toothed methods of transferring wealth from the social trust within the Soviet Union, forcing banks within the USSR to borrow from western banks, which was in fact an exchange of assets amongst financial…

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