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prepareforchange_header_1I just noticed this, I believe thanks to KM. There will also be another interview soon to be released, by Rob Potter.

An audio player was created from the mp3, and is below. The MP3 may also be downloaded here.

Cobra comes in at about 6 minutes. This one has a bit of information right at the beginning about the lava flow on the Big Island.

(Unfortunately, I found the voice modulation of Cobra to be very difficult to listen to. But we can be grateful for the interview (and the transcript, so you can just read that instead, if you wish.))


2-22-15 Cobra Archive, Transcript and Web Bio

Click to stream the Archived: Cobra Interview of February 22, 2015.
This is from the Archive and it will open in a new page with a audio player.
To read along with the audio you must open a…

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Jim Willie: The Global Currency Reset is Real and in Motion

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Two Hour Interview Highlights from

– Willie says there is a strong contingent of powerful “Good Guys” ex military who are tired of the status quo; and there are extremely wealthy Chinese Elders who are sick and tired of “The Boys” and their destruction of the Planet.
– There are three major factions who run the world….for now; who are they?
– Germany is actively looking for credible ways to exit the Euro Zone, political and currency.
– The dollar is losing market share, as we speak, with the emergence with BRICS.
– The amount of gold Russia and China has will curl your hair.
– The U.S. is out of gold.
– Putin kicked the Rothchild’s out of Russia a few years ago.

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Taiwan to undertake carbon trading – Jamaica Environmental News & Issues –

GCC News Brief

TAIPEI, Taiwan (AFP) —Taiwan aims to engage in international carbon trading, despite its diplomatic isolation by helping its allies in Africa and the Asia Pacific develop clean energy projects, an official said last Thursday.

“It is an international trend, and Taiwan wants to help reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases to ease the effects of global warming,” said an official at the Environmental Protection Administration.

Taiwan, which is recognised by only 23 countries and is not a member of the United Nations, plans to set up an offshore company so it can participate in carbon trading, the official said.

The UN’s Clean Development Mechanism allows rich countries to fulfil part of their greenhouse gas reduction commitments under the Kyoto Protocol by investing in projects that help reduce emissions in developing countries.

Since it is excluded from the United Nations (UN), Taiwan is under no formal obligation to rein in greenhouse…

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