This Major New Banking Rule Takes Effect Today

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A rule that was supposed to be implemented back in 2010 becomes a reality Wednesday five years after its inception.

The so-called Volcker Rule, which is Section 619 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, is meant to restrict big U.S. banks from making risky speculative bets with funds from their own accounts through proprietary trading. The intent was to keep banks from the kind of hedging that puts customers in danger, helping to prevent another crisis like the one that brought the American economy to its knees in 2008.

The rule was initially scheduled for implementation in July 2010, but was repeatedly delayed. It is colloquially named for the economist who came up with it: former Federal Reserve Chair Paul Volcker, who led the economic recovery advisory board President Barack Obama assembled in 2009.

There have been successful lawsuits seeking to change the initial proposal over…

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The natural cure for cataracts

DMSO turpentine cures


ImageThe blood of a tree contains medicine that, if you wonder why chaga mushrooms, for instance have healing properties, the explanation is is clear when an understanding as to what it absorbs from its tap into the circulatory system of the tree. If the mushroom derives its healing power from the sap that feeds the bark, then it must be important to human health. Its pine cones yield a nut that supports pineal gland health. All nuts support an aspect of the brain by supporting specific regions of the brain.

An example is the pecan and walnut. These two appear similar “Doctrine of Signatures or Law of Similarities” where a food, herb, or root, etc looks like and does potentiate the tissue it represents. they closely resemble the two hemispheres and the shell acts like the bony brain case of the skull. The pine nut looks exactly like the pineal…

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