An Open Letter to the Rainbow Family

Strixian Woods

I write this letter out of love and respect and not to scold and reprimand you.  I have watched with horror the development of the debate about having the national gathering in South Dakota and I feel that, although it seems at this point that most people will not be attending a gathering on that sacred land, some of the ugliness still needs to be addressed.  To be a force for peace in the world, we must first learn to see past our own desires, wants, and privilege.  Peace is not the absence of war, it is the presence of justice.  Because peace without justice is oppression.

I understand your culture and how it works, the pros and cons of your system.  I have attended a number of national gatherings and dozens of regionals. I have been part of scouting groups, seed camps, and many clean up crews. …

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Talking about Other Services for Overseas and Global Clients | First Fidelity Trust

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Other Services for Overseas and Global Clients | First Fidelity Trust
Registered Office Address Third Party Corporates & Institutions



SWISSINDO Corporates & institutions

Transmissions USA-SWISS Financiers INA : BIG TOP HEADER QUATERS BASED ; THE CENTRAL BANK OF INDONESIA, Jl. MH. TAMRIN NO. JAKARTA, WORLD BANK WASHINGTON D.C. H 1818, UNION BANK OF SWITZERLAND. Regestered NONE code MICRO FILM, Dewan Ikatan Document Of International Certificate Code 99. 98 Series Regestered 01-4 Asset King Of King. SWISSINDO world trust international orbit, international indonesia development for corporations & institutions. The World Investment – Political Risk 2010. The universal central global NEW WORLD REGULATION. NEW E. RA MILLENIUM NEO…

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Solar Woman Warrior: Cheyenne Poor Bear

Sustainable Development, Sustainable Livelihoods

GRID - Cortney, Quentin, Shirley, Cheyenne

By Jamie Folsom, National Director

Renewable energy fields like solar are a bright pathway for women, and for Cheyenne Poor Bear (Oglala Lakota), solar technologies are a great opportunity to live out her values and traditions.

“Growing up Native, we always emphasized taking care of Mother Earth and trying to do less harm. This way of thinking was instilled in us.”

Cheyenne’s opportunity to step through the door into the solar industry came last year during a workshop to install solar PV systems for Lakota Solar Enterprises’ office building and an energy-efficient home for Oglala Sioux Tribal Housing. In partnership with GRID Alternatives, Trees, Water & People hosted the eight-day workshop at the Red Cloud Renewable Energy Center.

Cheyenne learning to install a solar PV array at the Red Cloud Renewable Energy Center. Cheyenne learning to install a solar PV array at the Red Cloud Renewable Energy Center.

After the training, Cheyenne kept in contact, looking for opportunities to take the next steps. She had…

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Arapaho Lands

The Decolonial Atlas

How the Lands are Named in Arapaho. Research by the Arapaho Project at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Map by Jordan Engel. Heeneisih’iinou’u biito’owuu (How the Lands are Named) in Hinono’eitiit (Arapaho). Research from the Arapaho Project at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Map by Jordan Engel.

Hinono’eino (Arapaho) knowledge of the land extends far and wide across the Great Plains, Rocky Mountains, and beyond. This map covers the modern states of Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, South Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming. A big thanks to Dr. Andrew Cowell and all the folks who have helped with the Arapaho Project at the University of Colorado. More information, and an interactive Arapaho Place Name Map, can be found here: .

List of place names appearing on this map. Hinono’eitiit place name – English place name / “Translation into English”

3ooxone’ – Medicine Bow Mountains / “At the (woman’s stone) hammer”

3ooxone’ Noho’oooyoo’ – Rocky Mountains / “The hammer mountain range”

3iikoneiniicie – Green River, WY / “Skeleton river”

Beesniicie – Yellowstone River / “Big river”

Bei’i’einiicie –…

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White Settlers and Indigenous Solidarity: Confronting White Supremacy, Answering Decolonial Alliances


by Scott L. Morgensen

This article is also available in mp3 format.

White settlers who seek solidarity with Indigenous challenges to settler colonialism must confront how white supremacy shapes settler colonialism, our solidarity, and our lives. As a white person working in Canada and the United States to challenge racism and colonialism (in queer / trans politics, and solidarity activism) I am concerned that white people might embrace Indigenous solidarity in ways that evade our responsibilities to people of color and to their calls upon us to challenge all forms of white supremacy. This essay presents my responsibilities to theories and practices of decolonization that connect Indigenous and racialized peoples. I highlight historical studies by Indigenous and critical race scholars — notably, those bridging black and Indigenous studies — as they illuminate deep interlockings of white supremacy and settler colonialism. I call white settlers to become responsible to these, and…

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How the Federal Reserve banksters stole our gold

timeline 4*4*2015

AntiCorruption Society


From A Special Report on the National Emergency in the United States of America
Research of Dr Eugene Schroder


. . . in 1913, The Federal Reserve Act was passed, authorizing the creation of a [private] central bank, the thought of which had already been noted in the Constitution. The basic idea of the central bank was, among other things, for it to act as a secure repository for the gold of the people. We, the People, would bring our gold to the huge, strong vaults of the Federal Reserve, and we would be issued a note which said, in effect, that, at any time we desired, we could bring that note back to the bank and be given back our gold which we had deposited.

Until 1933, that agreement, that contract between the Federal Reserve and its depositors, was honored…

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Benjamin Fulford 3-31-15… “Proposal for world federation has now been passed on to key power centers”


Kauilapele's Blog


“Under this proposal, the United Nations Security council would be replaced by people representing the political consensus of seven major regional groupings. These would be Africa, China, East Asia excluding China, Europe including Russia, India, the Muslim world and North plus South America.

“So far the Pentagon plus the agencies, the P2 lodge (the Vatican), the Chinese, the Russians, the Germans and the British have all given initial signs they support this plan.

“…we can find strong evidence that a new system has been agreed upon in principle. When China announced its Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, the cabalists in Washington told their allies not to join. Since then, Australia, Brazil, Canada, England, France, Germany, South Korea, Russia etc have all announced they would join. This forced the IMF and the World Bank to also announce their support. In other words, the secret controllers of the Federal Reserve Board have lost…

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