KIMARIE Representing the Family of : TETER
My Honor and Duty as a Vessel for God
I Am A Loving, Free, Self-Expressed Sentient Being

My Vision For the WORLD is: A United Gathering of Masters, Leaders and Teachers, Assisting in the Transition of a New Era/Aeon and the Embracing of the Aquarian Age/ Jubilee where all Souls are Experiencing Freedom from Debt/Sin fully Present and Able to once again Share Innocent Childlike Love as We Build and Create New Structures and Unite Communities.

My Vision For Myself as a LEADER is: A World Traveling Minister of Peace. As Source Funding, People, Projects, and Foundations Committed to Building Bridges and Redesigning the Current Trade Structures while Birthing Sovereign Nations and bringing People back to the Sandbox Building Sandcastles with God

My Vision For the TRUST Is: World Healing and Harmony while we Exchange Knowledge, Resources and Technologies with Our Families and Communities, Supporting each Other through this Grand Adventure relating and supporting Each and Every in Union with The Divine Father as Source.

MY Vision for the FUTURE Is: Freedom Peace and Joy will become the Norm, Children/Meek shall Inherit the Kingdom and be Honored by Adults, Communities will be Inspired by New Knowledge, Fear will Cease, Families will Heal, Communities will Heal, Universal Currency will Prevail, Borders will Dissolve, The Earth will be Cherished and Heaven will be Home.

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