On the eve of the new moon of Shevat/Aquarius: lunar aspects, buds on the trees and the chirp of the hummingbird

 The node carries our evolutionary trajectory, our mission. Uranus is the highest God nature inside of us and faith when this is clouded. Pluto is the catharsis we experience of thhe pheonix rising from the ashes. There is a Hindu goddess who rides the dragon of her own fear, who turns the image of herself lying broken on the floor into her chariot to conquer all darkness. This is the time of the final battle and overcoming, it will take all we are and more we ever knew ourselves to be – and this is why the moon passes the galactic center just before – drawing on our ever present connection through the black hole at the center of our being back to the big bang of blind faith from which emerges the unbreakable power of God’s promise of deliverance in all plight and place of suffering and lack. It is the week of the Exodus. First inside, then outside.

Kabbalah Astrology

We are in the last days of the waning sliver moon before the new moon of Aquarius and the month of Shevat when the sap begins to run in the trees and the blossoms begin to bud on the trees. We are still some time away from the spring equinox but the buds offer an irrefutable sign of hope.

On the way to this new moon we have had some powerful stations: last night the moon was conjunct the galactic center, around the time the pope did mass in Manila with 6 million people. The galactic center is the energetic core of our universe around which multiple centers of our system revolve in long cycles. The moon is our sattelite, reflecting the light of our sun. When this reflected light is aligned with the center, our emotional selves and psyche are reborn in light of the evolutionary direction of the…

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