EXOGEN / Omega & Co RV/GCR INTEL UPDATE , 11th Oct.. 2014…Mass Arrest On And Re-set on Our~Way.…♥♥♥…

Mission Galactic Freedom

Global reset announcement and arrest

Guys i have to give Credit to COBRA anyhow, since it was he who first disclosed abt this EVENT.. that the EVENT will happen if and only when the Arrest is immenint, well it is Now….

~ Galactic human ~

10-11-14 Carden: The “universal hold” is a global administrative hold – meaning no money moving, as dictated by UST, and the UST is the last and highest authority in the release of movement of the “world’s money” via the “Global Collateral Debt Accounts”.

IF this is correct and verified, we have GOLD-BACKED currency.  For the first time in history, for the first time in our little lives, We have governments, people in authority, all over the world, working to alleviate poverty; caring for the sick and infirm, the elderly, those that can’t help themselves. We have, for the first time in our…

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