2012: What's the 'real' truth?

A while ago I heard Kyron ‘live’, and if you haven’t heard him it is a real experience I urge you not to miss. ~J 

Kryon (from Magnetic Service)

Thanks to Lozza, who shares the following from her notes. . . 

A message that is pertinent to this up coming battle. This fits nicely with Bradley’s messages of NON CONSENT.

Kryon also speaks about Ebola.

The message title is ‘Revelations of Darkness’.

This is the most ‘urgent and stern’ sounding message I have heard from Kryon. He highlights the balance of light consciousness and dark consciousness, 2012 and the Procession of the equinox and how all things are aligned for where we are today.

It is explained that we have raised light consciousness and NOW the dark is angry and struggling for it’s survival and is ugly. The dark would NOT show up in such numbers and such ferocity if HUMANITY wasn’t winning. It won’t…

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