Thoth on the Origin of Humanity and the Current World Condition

Islands in the Stream

I decided it was time to sit down with my inner-planes mentor of many years -ThothHorRa – and ask some pertinent questions concerning the major shift we are now individually and globally experiencing…which needed to include something about our origins as a human species. Since 1967 and directly from Thoth, since 1977 – I have received a great deal on all of this, but piece-meal. It is scattered through years of my material. And there were a lot missing pieces. So the following is my attempt to gain from Thoth a brief overview of it all. This is not my any means, a complete picture on these topics. I imagine a book could be written in answer to each of the questions presented below – but not likely by me lol. I know there are other “channels” out there who have said a great deal about these topics – some…

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