Free Indonesian Language Class

Indonesian Education and Culture Attaché in London

Presented by: Indonesian Embassy in London & Association of Indonesian Community in the UK (Wadah)

Learn  Indonesian Language

Every Saturday 01.00-05.00 PM
Indonesian Embassy
38 Grosvenor Square
London, W1K 2HW
020 74997661


“The conversation class is very interesting and is a very easy and fun way to learn vocabulary and expressions,” Vincent

“I think it’s good to have smaller groups and classes, as well as spend time on improving our Indonesian conversational skills,” Alex

“I think the conversation classes are invaluable experiences to learning Bahasa Indonesia,” Naddelle

“The conversation classes are more useful to learn daily Indonesian language,” Lawrence

Indonesian Embassy and Wadah aims to bring oneself a wider knowledge of learning native Indonesian language and the aspect of greater volume of what is to be learned for general daily discussion. The lessons hopefully will bring self confidence amongst each individual person and bringing their thoughts at great strength. Anyone…

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