Aug 16 2014

August 16 2014
Desert Dwellers – Luminous Axiom, DD LIVE from the Museum of Consciousness Tour
report to the OFFICE
♥ڿڰۣ♥ PEACE & LOVE ♥ڿڰۣ♥

twirling thru the escapades, my dream space brings me to working concepts breaking apart any blocks
of fused states of is-ness.
Once recognized measured and rearticulated the ripple effect on multiple timelines is affected.
Simultaneously traversing time space caverns in the mind penetrating wormholes of encountered past, paving the way for a new reality
So what is it that we find when we meet our self in a new time space, resonance, elliptical familiarity, generational foiling into a grander bloodline?
As I was sharing a story with Tracy yesterday several times I was stopped by chills running throughout my body, in the heart chest region then some would move through in waves of communication, as if to washed in the glory of the spirit; thus confirming my direct link with family guides “team” who message me when I am on the right track.
I follow the red road, dreaming, this morning I said “picture me sooo tall all the way through the clouds, and imagine we can open and close the doors like as if it was a doll house. The point I was creating was the event we are to all participate in soon, I expanded up to that size and interacted with an unsuspecting player, they obliged, we turned to see three grey little kittens in a box where other things belonged, but how cuddled they were together, he grabbed one and petted the little kitten, but proceeded to removed them all and I stopped him , saying but look how comfy and harmless it is being there , he agreed and put the kitten just the way he found it and it was like a a literal rewind in time, the kitten stayed in the super cuddled position as if the interference never happened. That experience in the now moment amazed me for some reason. If we can be like a spec of sand to an ocean why then can we not be also a single solar system in a gravitational flush towards eternity growing with every evolutional orbit, clustering with other giants and nebulas the origins of existence itself?
Sailing thru the rim we are latent in a coma state of awakeness, interacting with the dead as they self realize. Like the kitten we do not disturb unless there is a fire or some other emergent axiom in which case the dreamers propel through time to land on the frequent band on the ride of co existence.
We witness another like the kitten we offer it our energy reminding it we are here. So is the concept god. Who by the laws of structure multiplies into trillions of photons of light dust casting omnipresence in a spectrum of light and sound hidden from the kitten until which time it is revealed that there is a kitten and a caretaker of the space the kitten exists wit in.
The nurturing lick of the tongue reaches for love and promotes self realization in anticipation, a knowing that a vessel of existence is within and without. A cell is created by the two parts becoming whole. The kingdom arises, in the beginning there was the form of the word and in the form was god.



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