From Ali`i Nui Mō`ī Edmund K. Silva, Jr., 9-2-14… “Reinstating Treaty Diplomatic Relations”


Kauilapele's Blog

hawaiian_kingdom_shield_18This letter was posted today at the Kingdom of Hawai`i blog. The letter is dated 9-2-14, and, as I understand it, was sent last week to 16 countries (by my count), namely, “all the countries having treaties with the Kingdom of Hawai`i, prior to the overthrow.”

As I see it, this letter represents a very important step for the Kingdom of Hawai`i, as it asserts itself and communicates itself to the world as “The Kingdom of Hawai`i”, throughout the world. As the Kingdom of Hawai`i does this, recognition will indeed come.

I do know there are various “Hawaiian sovereignty” groups and individuals that have said this and said that, and have taken this step and that step, throughout the years, with the honorable intention of restoring the Kingdom. Some may have claimed to be “leaders”, some may have even claimed to be “King”. But they have not yet achieved…

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