Cras In Transitu 明天轉型


Supra-Sovereign Gold and the Great Consolidation

By JC Collins


Look at everything that exists, and observe that it is already in dissolution and in change, and as it were putrefaction or dispersion, or that everything is so constituted by nature as to die.   
                              – Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, Book X. 167AD

The human mind and contention are common bedfellows in that they both seek sameness and comfort in the patterns of everyday life.  These patterns are expected to solidify and secure expectations and predictions based on what came before.  Yet, what came before is seldom more than a temporary marker of what is to come.

Tomorrow is seen as an extension of today and the economy of tomorrow is a result of yesterdays indicators.  The subtle changes to those indicators are not noticed or extrapolated outside of the economic metrics themselves.

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