The Fall of Man’s Logic

China was unable and unwilling to honor this sovereign debt all these years because it was the international bankers who stole the gold and then demanded that the debt be paid.

The gold that has been moving east over the last few years is in fact moving back from the place whence it came.


And Why There Will Be No Hyper-Inflation in America

By JC Collins

In Northern Alberta the leaves are already beginning to turn yellow as they begin their cyclical pattern of death and rebirth. The morning air is becoming cooler and the smells of autumn wrap themselves around me as I rise each morning for the hour long drive into the mines of Canada’s oil sands.  Images of the long cold winter ahead creep into my mind with a sense of foreboding.

Leonardo Dicaprio was here last week doing research on what is most likely a work of protest against the oil sands.  Mr. Dicaprio refers to it as the “tar sands”, the derogatory and politically incorrect name which is shunned by the industry and the region.  Words are important in that they convey pre-loaded messages which are intended to extract a specific and desired response from the listener or observer. …

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