The Arcane SDR Supra-Macro Asset


w/ Economic Zone Macro Assets & Regional Currency Micro Assets

By JC Collins

Micro Macro Winter Bull

Economic predictions and analysis of the current global situation are all wrong in that they are based on expected and presumed outcomes.  These expectations have been built on the understandings of a system that is no longer in use.  Hidden in plain site are the mechanisms and methodologies of a replacement system which first began to appear in 2009.  The old system failed in 2008 and we have been operating on something different since that time.

None of the economic indicators or metrics which would normally measure and weigh the success of an economy make any sense when filtered through the mandates of the old system.  Mass money printing and low interest rates are always followed by deflation and high interest rates.  The outcome is as predictable as the changing of the seasons.  And yet the system teeters on the edge…

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