We now have SEVEN MP’s calling for national inquiry and police investigation, into rampant institutionalised paedophilia and child snuff rings, operating in and around Parliament and the establishment

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

Interestingly, this situation seems to be coming to a head at the same time Kevin Annett’s work is also coming to a head. ~J

Source: The Tap
June 6, 2014

(MI5 won’t be immune from this!)





Dear Sirs (Mr Simon Danczuk and Mr David Morris)

I am emailing both of you, because I feel there is an an urgent need for both:-
– a full transparent public Parliamentary inquiry
– and a co-ordinated and ‘sophisticated’ national police investigation
into the mounting evidence of institutionalised and organised child abuse, carried out by those within and around the British political system, which may have been ignored and covered up for a period of decades.

I am emailing both Mr Danczuk, because of his recent investigation into the case of the late Liberal Democrat MP Cyril Smith, and Mr Morris because I am a member of his constituency, and I…

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