The Truth About the Obama Presidency Emerges (?) – Veterans Today – The Obama “UN-Presidency”

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We heard that the truth will come out. This so much sounds like the truth to me that we’ll leave it at the top of the blog until everyone has had a chance to read it.

Gordon ends with the comment that this group may well succeed. But, as you and I know, there’s not a chance in the world they will succeed.

To the many lightworkers who’ve unfortunately bought into this group’s undermining of President Obama by repeatedly distributing every lie that was ever concocted, my message is: please stop. To those who held the faith, thank you!

Steve Beckow

The Obama “Un-Presidency”

Gordon Duff, New Eastern Outlook, April 30, 2014

During the last months of the Bush administration, a Secret Shadow Government (SSG) was created to sabotage President Obama, politically, economically and, in particular, on issues of foreign…

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