UPDATE and Repost: Drunvalo in a live interview tonight with Maureen Moss of Thrive, March 13, 2014


2012: What's the 'real' truth?

UPDATE: As a student of Drunvalo, I have been able to listen to the first twenty minutes of this video, and I strongly recommend it. In the very beginning, Drunvalo addresses the question of our fighting to resolve our present problems. While I know many of you, my readers, agree with me that fighting is not the answer, I feel like my blog is a lonely voice right now. Still, I’ve learned to trust my heart, and I feel the upcoming changes, which cannot be stopped, will be much easier to make if we do not get pulled into fighting. I, therefore, will continue to speak my truth.

Maureen asks Drunvalo some very pointed questions, like, “How are all these changes going to happen in three days?”

I hope you will all find the time to listen . . .

For myself, I’ve been wondering if what has been said…

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