Starship Earth: The Big Picture

I came across this yesterday and thought it interesting so I flagged it for sharing. She may be right about some or all—who knows? It’s channeled information, from what I can see.

Disclosure Announcements and NESARA The Big Picture Part 2

by Elizabeth Trutwin

We are at a pivot point for Solar, Galactic and Universal Transformation. We have been getting ready for this for billions of years and millions of Earth cycles. This is a natural Planetary evolution. I want to thank you for being here to witness it with me, for listening to your Inner Guide and bringing in through your embodiment on Earth the necessary changes to bring this about.

There is a very precise alignment and balance as Earth locks on to Zero Point within the Holographic hub linking us to the Central Sun and Source Energy at a Higher Dimensional Realm. Before we can connect the…

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