Starship Earth: The Big Picture

The financial headlines are getting a lot more interesting these days. The ‘Powers That Be’ are flexing their muscles and letting the ‘Powers That Were’ know who’s boss. I love it!

Perhaps this is one of the “surprises” COBRA spoke of when he advised there would be a few of them in March for the cabal.

These initiatives on the part of the Allies like the power outage during the Superbowl, the hacking of the Federal Reserve, the posting of Bank of America execs’ data on the Internet and now this hack into the JP Morgan Chase system—no coincidence. There’s no such thing.

I’m quite sure it’s an intentional jab in the ribs of the cabal from the Earth allies. They are now in control and they’re not doing enough to hurt the public—just enough to let the Illuminati know who’s in control ; their time is up, and they’re…

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