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Starship Earth: The Big Picture

If you’re having difficulty wrapping your head around the OPPT and are wondering how it is going to help us in the practical sense, this article from Removing the Shackles may help.

There’s no magic wand included with the UCC filings. Our freedom isn’t going to instantaneously materialize overnight. We have to get the word out to everyone. At some point, the PTW system will dissolve and we will have a new consciousness that doesn’t include the old ways, but until then, we have to work at this, patiently, with persistence.

Ideally we must have compassion for those who are unaware and caught in the web woven by the dark to enslave us. Most of those who “transgress” against us are caught in that web as well. They don’t know how to do anything else any other way. We will be removing THEIR shackles, so to speak.

Nothing like this…

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