wow reblogging and reposting, my favorite thing, maybe i was a parrot once before?

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david_wilcock_ren_tv_documentary_130116_2This I first saw at RMN (thanks Bob), and finally I found it at David’s site here. He gives a more detailed look at the video, and how it was received in Russia.

To view this blog’s post of the video, click here.

To watch the video itself, click here.

I’ll summarize with David’s final statements.


“There is still a great preponderance of “chatter” from insiders that a major change is underway.

“Many others — some very prominent — are apparently getting ready to “man up” and do their part to ensure that we have a safe and prosperous future.

“Once the suppressed knowledge is made public on a mass scale, and the technologies come along with it, we will quickly enter into a new Space Age.

“It is difficult, if not impossible, to imagine how grandiose and wonderful this new reality…

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